REVIEW: Captive Prince By C.S. Pacat

Captive Prince

by C.S. Pacat, Published May 22nd 2012 (first published February 4th 2012)

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Genres: Erotica, Fiction, Gay/Lesbian/Transgender Romance

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As all of us Capti-Fans wait for the third and final book of the trilogy (Kings Rising, set to release Feb 2, 2016), I can’t help but swoon over C.S. Pacat and the fan-fucking-tastic story that started it all Captive Prince.


I have to be completely honest here, when I picked Captive Prince up off the shelf, at my local Barnes and Noble, I had no idea it was the phenomenon it is. The cover and the description on the back were the only two reasons that I bought it.  I was ignorant to the hype. Chica at the check-out counter was all,” Everyone’s going bananas  about this book! It’s on my list to read soon…” and I was all,”Oh! Ok. So it’s good huh?” She proceeded to tell me about all the amazing accolades attributed to Captive Prince so needless to say I was excited to get started.



First, we’re introduced to Damos AKA Damen. He’s a HOT ‘n’ sexy badass warrior prince, from a powerful kingdom, that’s recently experienced a most unfortunate twist of fate.


Next, we are introduced to Laurent, prince of an equally powerful, neighboring, kingdom—who has recently acquired a new slave…very unlike any other slave he has come in contact with before…Damos (Who is actually Damen who is the absolute sworn enemy of Laurent ( Damen killed his brother)—though Laurent wouldn’t know him if he saw him! Convenient right? Well…kind of.

And Laurent just so happens to be a young man of great power and beauty. Now you’re probably asking yourself, Beautiful? Did she really say beautiful. Yes! Beautiful. He’s pretty enough to make all the bitches jelly and he’s super smart too—a natural at strategic warfare.

So why do I love this story so much? I love this story because the plot is fucking awesome and each character is interesting and complex enough to keep me wondering what their motives are. I also love me a bromance so a little man-on-man action always peeks my interest. (FYI: There is very little sex action in this book but there’s plenty in the second. My review on Prince’s Gambit coming soon!)


The doors were pushed open.
Laurent was on the reclining couch, his feet tucked up under him in a relaxed, boyish posture. A book of scroll worked pages was open before him. There was a goblet on the small table beside him. At some point during the night, a servant must have spent the requisite half hour unlacing his austere outer garments, for Laurent wore only pants and a white shirt, the material so fine it did not require embroidery to declaim its expense. The room was lamp lit. Laurent’s body was a series of graceful lines under the shirts soft folds. Damen’s eyes lifted to the white column of his throat, and above that the golden hair, parting around the shell cup of an un-jeweled ear. The image was damascened, as beaten metal.
He was reading.
 He looked up when the doors opened. And blinked, as if refocusing his blue eyes was difficult. Damen looked again at the goblet and recalled that he had seen Laurent once before with his senses blurred by alcohol.
It might have prolonged the illusion of an assignation a few seconds longer because Laurent drunk was surly capable of all kinds of mad demands and unpredictable behavior. Except that it was perfectly clear from the first moment he looked up that Laurent was not expecting company. And that Laurent did not recognize the guards either. Laurent carefully closed the book.
And Rose. “Couldn’t sleep?” said Laurent…
                                                               Pacat, C.S. Captive Prince pg. 180-181

Can’t you just feel the pent-up sexual tension?!? I know I can. Alright, so Captive Prince is book one of a trilogy. And I must admit, I didn’t fully appreciate this book until I finished the second one (Prince’s Gambit). Also, because the third book isn’t out till next year, I decided to re-read Captive Prince. Needless to say, I loveeeeeed it even more the second time.

If you are tantalized by what I’ve said about Captive Prince here, read the book. Do it. You’ll love it!

I have QUESTIONS. Give me ANSWERS, Please.

 Have you read Captive Prince? What did you think?


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